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“When life gives you trees, build a tree house…”

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Nothing can teach us more than failures in business and personal life, but we need to have the resilience to learn from them.

In 2018 Rory lost his house to a Tornado. Using his well honed muscle of innovation from setback, he quickly leveraged the media coverage of the disaster by creating a comedy video of the event that went viral, resulting in media articles, and news interviews which generated 10X more client booking requests over the following year, and eventually leading to a TEDx talk on the subject. 

Things happen “for” you, not “to” you.  In school, failure is bad, with creativity, failure is part of the process. We’re constantly being tested, so let Rory prepare your staff’s mindset through exposure to failure and setback so they can innovate quickly when opportunity strikes. 


1) How to condition yourself for resilience, and transform failure into fuel. (Resilience – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties)

2) Adversity can create opportunities. How to leverage adversity to recognize a new opportunity that hadn’t otherwise been presented.

3) Sticking to your plan can sometimes do more harm than good. Recognize when and how to pivot.

Creative people turn ideas in to action, action to sales, and get your greatest work to your audience. Creativity & Innovation have become the most sought-after quality in Leaders. What does that mean for non-creative “linear” thinkers?

Creativity can be learned and used as an outlet to express ourselves. Bottled up creativity can turn to frustration and unhappiness.  By exercising our creative muscles, we not only generate new ideas, but we become more open to collaboration and team building.  The greatest teams are ones of diversity, that can pool their unique talents through cooperation and effective communication. By having a unique perspective on the world, you unknowingly have so much to offer creatively – just by being you.

Let Rory awaken your dormant creative gene, so that your team can better express themselves, share ideas, and start innovating collaboratively.


1) Why it is important that leaders are equipped with creativity, and how to effectively use it to innovate.

2) How to exercise your creative muscles and awaken your dormant creative gene. “Learn” creativity! 

3) How to pool unique talents of team members to create a collaborative work environment.


Holding a conference, retreat or event that could use some levity and entertainment to keep attendees and employees alert and happy?

Rory can facilitate your event to flow naturally, interjecting humor and music to keep audience members fresh for the content being presented. Rory will customize a show specifically for your team. This program of clean comedy and music is customized for your industry and employees.

Often conferences will have networking mixers following the seminars and break out sessions. These are generally awkward engagements among a group of strangers. Let Rory ease the tense atmosphere with subtle live music and engagement to enhance networking. 


1) Keep your event organized, on time, and entertaining for guests with a dedicated facilitator.

2) When teams are more engaged, more information is absorbed.

3) Create a more collaborative atmosphere for guests. Breaking the ice with music in post seminar networking mixer.

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